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Co-Enzyme Q10 at lowest prices direct from NZ

If you take blood pressure reducing drugs or statin drugs to lower cholesterol you should be taking Co-enzyme Q10. Go here to find out why!

Coenzyme Q10 is necessary for energy production, immune function and repair and maintenance of tissues. It also enhances cell function. It is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is widely used in Japan for heart disease and is also being used by some heart specialists in the USA. Everyone needs to take CoQ10 for cardiovascular health but especially those on blood pressure reducing drugs and cholesterol reducing drugs(Statins). Try Us @prices that you would pay in NZ.



  Dietary Supplement.

For more For the History, Research, Composition and health Benefits of New Zealand cow Colostrum, please click here. about the History, Research, Composition and the health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 click on info.

For more For the History, Research, Composition and health Benefits of New Zealand bovine Colostrum, please click here. about what Coenzyme Q10 can do for athletes click on info.

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Coenzyme Q10 was first isolated from the mitochondria of beef heart as a yellow substance by Dr. Frederick Crane in 1957 then working at University of Wisconsin, well known for its vitamin researches in the mid 20th century. In 1958, Dr. Folkers and collaborators at Merck synthesized Coenzyme Q10 in the laboratory. By mid 1980, Coenzyme Q10 became widely available as a commercial product and became increasingly popular.


Coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone, is a vitamin-like substance which is made by our bodies. It can also be obtained from the diet, being found mainly in oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel as well as organ meats and peanuts. It is essential for the health of all human tissues and organs.

In the body, coenzyme Q10 is found in the mitochondria of cells. The highest proportion of mitochondria are found in organs that do the most work, notably the liver, muscle tissue and the heart. Mitochondria are the intracellular structures that manufacture ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the basic energy molecule of cells. Through a series of chemical reactions food is broken down to its component parts and these are combusted with oxygen to make a unit of ATP.

Supplementation of coenzyme Q10 becomes necessary when its synthesis is impaired through nutritional deficiency, when there is a genetic or acquired defect in synthesis or when there is increased tissue need due to a particular medical condition. These states all interfere with the coenzyme Q10 pathway - a pathway that results in physical energy.

Our ability to absorb or produce coenzyme Q10 deteriorates with age. The decline of coenzyme Q10 levels with time might be linked to the aging mechanism and therefore play a causative role in aging itself.


In 1964, Coenzyme Q10 was demonstrated to be useful in treating congestive heart failure by a Japanese scientist. The success of the use of Coenzyme Q10 for heart failure was attributed to its energizing effect on heart muscles. The heart has high energy requirements and also high concentrations of coenzyme Q10. Because natural stores drop with age, focus has turned to coenzyme Q10 as a cardiac nutrient. Levels of coenzyme Q10 have been found to be significantly lower in people with heart problems. It has been shown to enhance the pumping action and electrical functioning of the heart as well as lower blood pressure. This all helps improve heart function. Despite the relatively long history and excellent reputation, many clinicians and health care professionals in the US, let alone the general public, are not well informed about this wonderful nutrition. Lack of interest of large pharmaceutical companies that seek patentable and more profitable drug items as well as lack of interest of many of the health practitioners to read research reports contributed to low popularity. The situation in Europe and Japan is quite different, and Coenzyme Q10 is better known and more popular there.

Coenzyme Q10 may inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol since it has some metabolic processes in common with cholesterol. It acts as an antioxidant which scavenges harmful free radicals, supports the function of vitamin E in the body and also helps recycle vitamin E. The antioxidant function of coenzyme Q10 may enhance its role in the prevention of heart disease and heart problems.

Coenzyme Q10 may help improve exercise tolerance by helping muscle cells use oxygen. It may therefore be of some use to athletes wanting to maximise their performance. Coenzyme Q10 also helps control the flow of oxygen within individual cells.

The optimal functioning of the immune system relies on a number of nutrients including Coenzyme Q10. It appears to be non-toxic and well tolerated, even at high doses (100-150mg a day).

Many blood pressure drugs and cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) cause the level of Coenzyme Q10 in the body to drop. This means that if you are taking these drugs then it is particularly important that you take Coenzyme Q10 supplements to compensate even though it is highly likely that your doctor will not tell you this. Read this article if you want to know more.

Stroke patients are advised to start taking Coenzyme Q10 within 12 hours of a stroke in this article. It can make a huge difference to recovery rate and degree.

Numerous scientific researches and human clinical trials have been performed on Coenzyme Q10, and in the year 1978, a British scientist Dr. Peter Mitchell was awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry for his study in the role of Coenzyme Q10 in cellular energy production mechanism.

Caution: Should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women, unless under the supervision of a health care professional, due to a lack of studies done on this group of the population in regards to the safety of coenzyme Q10.


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Holford P. 1988 Co-Q: the missing energy link? Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine March: 21. Haas E. M. 1992 Staying healthy with nutrition, p 269-270, USA: Celestial Arts Publishing.



Suggested Dosage Coenzyme Q10 capsules.

Adults - Take one a day for the 90mg capsule, or as directed by your health professional.

Store in a cool and dry place below 30°C.

The shelf life of Coenzyme Q10 is approximately 2 years.



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Our Coenzyme Q10 powder is encapsulated in standard pharmaceutical size capsules and weighs 30mg.


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