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Shark Liver Oil
Shark Cartilage
Omega 3 DHA/EPA
Green Lipped Mussel
Coenzyme Q10
Oxoamidin Garlic
Barley Grass
Kolorex® Products
Deer Velvet
Active Honey
Virgin Coconut Oil
Mixed Pack Specials
PET Care
Shark Liver Oil for Pets
Jakes Best Mate
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Products List - Price in NZ dollars

Code Name Description Price
Southern Deep Shark Products
OM1 Omega 3 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $25.00
OM2 Omega 3. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $112.50
SLO1 Shark Liver Oil. 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $25.00
SLO4 Shark Liver Oil. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $112.50
SQ1 Shark Squalene 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $26.00
SQ2 Shark Squalene 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $117.00
SLO5 Shark Liver Oil. - Spray 30ml squirt bottle -CFC free $19.00
SLO6 Shark Liver Oil Spray 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 30ml squirt bottle -CFC free $85.50
SC1 Shark Cartilage 100x750mg Capsules $25.00
SC2 Shark Cartilage. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 100x750mg Capsules $112.50
Southern Synergy Products
BG01 Organic Barley Grass Powder 200g Fine Powder Barley Grass $30.00
CQ10-90 Co - Enzyme Q10 60x90mg capsules $49.95
CQ10-90-5 Co - Enzyme Q10 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x90mg capsules $224.82
PR1 Thompsons Multidophilus Probiotics 30x Probiotic Capsules $24.80
PR2 Thompsons Multi  5-pack SAVE 10%  5 bottles 30 x Probiotic capsules $111.60
Southern Deep Green Lipped Mussel Products
GLM1 Green Lipped Mussel 90x500mg Capsules $24.00
GLM5 Green Lipped Mussel 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 90x500mg Capsules $108.00
Southern Country Bovine Products
COL1 Bovine Colostrum. 100x480mg capsules $28.00
COL5 Bovine Colostrum. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5x100x480mg capsules $126.00
LAC1 Lactoferrin. 60x250mg capsules $39.95
LAC2 Lactoferrin 5-pack SAVE 10% 5x60x250mg capsules $179.77
Mixed Pack Specials
LGS1 Leaky Gut Special 2 x SLO1, 2 x COL1, 2 x PR1 SAVE 15% $125.80
AS1 Arthritis Special 2 x SLO1, 2 x SC1, 2 x COL1. SAVE 15% $132.60
Kolorex Anti-Fungal Products
KL01 Kolorex Candia Care Capsules 30 x Horopito liquid extract softgel caps $34.95
KL02 Kolorex Intimate Care Cream 50gm tube. $25.00
KL03 Kolorex Foot & Toe Care Cream 25gm tube. $18.00
Manuka Health Active Honey Products
MANU1 10+ Manuka Honey, MGO100 250g liquid in jar. $25.95
MANU2 25+ Manuka Honey, MGO550 250g liquid in jar $59.95
MANAV 16+ Manuka Honey plus Aloe Vera,MGO250 250g liquid in jar $39.90
Vitafit Products
MS1 MSM 100x600g Caps Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 100x600mg Caps $23.00
MS2 MSM 100x600g Caps MSM 5 pack $103.50
G1 Garlic-Oxoamidin

90x60mg Capsules

G2 Garlic-Oxoamidin 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 90x60mg Capsules $134.77
GLUC1 Glucosamine Sulfate Capsules 70x 500mg Capsules $24.95
GLUC2 Glucosamine Sulfate 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 70x500mg Capsules $112.28
SPIRUL Spirulina 80x500mg Capsules $19.95
SPIRUL2 Spirulina 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 80x500mg Capsules $89.78
REDS Phytofood Reds Phytofood Reds Functional food 250g fine powder $55.00
JOIN Phytofood Joints With glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM 300g fine power $35.95
SENN Senna Klenz 30 Fortified Herbal Tea Bags 75g net $9.95
HOPS Hops Slumber 30 Fortified Herbal Tea Bags 75g net $9.95
HOOD1 Hoodia Trim 30 Herbal Tea Bags 75g net $12.95
LICO Licorice zinga 30 Herbal Tea Bags 50g net $9.95
TAU1 L-Taurine 1bottle 50x500mg capsules $21.95
TAU2 L-Taurine   5pack SAVE 10% 5bottles 50x500mg capsules $98.80
Mountain Red Products
MRDV1 Deer Velvet 60 x 500mg Capsules $61.00
MRDV2 Deer Velvet 5 pack SAVE10% 5 bottles 60 x 500mg capsules $277.27
Prosabi Products
WASA1 Wasabi, Prosabi 1 bottle 90x200mg capsules $36.50
WASA5 Wasabi, Prosabi, 5pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 90x200mg capsules $164.25
Pet Care
JBM1 Jakes Best Mate 250g Powder                                                 $61.95   $49.95
                                 New Product introd. offer !!!  
JBM2 Jakes Best Mate 100g Powder                                                  $35.95 $27.50
Men's Health
RAM1 Rampant 30x459mg capsules $28.00
RAM5 Rampant, 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 30x459mg capsules $126.00

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